Man ran off and did not return

January 1, 2000

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By Steve Bryant

RMRU received a call from the Beaumont Police Department around 11 PM on New Year's Day.  After a domestic dispute, a man was reported missing in a 1000-acre field, which contained several deep gullies.  There was drizzle and sleet at the time, so a person could easily die from hypothermia (severe cooling of the body, often referred to as "exposure").  After receiving permission from the Banning Sheriff's Station to help, RMRU members were awakened by the usual beeping of their pagers.  Just after the group page had been broadcast, the Beaumont PD called back to say that the person had been found -- not in the field, but in a house, due to misinformation given the PD due to the domestic dispute.  RMRU then sent out our "90-90-90" page, signifying that the mission was ended -- in this case, before most members had even left their houses.  Then it was back to sleep for good ol' RMRU.