Two women stuck on Sunday drive

February 13, 2000
Bee Canyon

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By Darrell Bell

Two ladies thought it would be a good day to take a drive so they entered Bee Canyon by Cranston Station and started driving up to Idyllwild. There had been rain for a couple of days [light rain but steady] so they decided [7 miles in] to turn around. In doing so they got the vehicle stuck. One walked out and left the other. The first lady found a family in Pine Cove and they started down the road. She became concerned and returned home to call 911. The second lady became impatient and cold so she started walking, found a residence and broke in to call 911. Idyllwild Fire Department took the call and went to the Residence and brought her into the headquarters to warm her up and told the sheriffs department she had been found.   Hemet Search and Rescue had started from the bottom of Bee Canyon with two teams and RMRU dispatched one team and the Van for Communication. Ralph Hoetger and Lee Arnson had just started down from the top when the abort was sent out. We were finished only a couple hours after we had started.