Father and three children missing

April 19, 2000
Humber Park

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A 45 year old Jose Louis Gomez and his three children, Matthew Joseph Gomez, 14, Michael Evan Gomez, 12, and Alfredo Demitri Gomez, 6, went camping Saturday and expected to return home Tuesday. On Wednesday, Mrs. Gomez determined they were overdue and contacted local authorities. RMRU was contacted to assist with the search for her family. 10 RMRU members responded for the search along with 2 CHP helicopters. The Forest Service went to the Humber Park trailhead and locate Mr. Gomez's vehicle. At 12:14 pm, one of the helicopters spotted the four hikers in a meadow near the campground. The helicopter picked them up and flew them to a nearby helipad. Mr. Gomez explained that they were caught in an unexpected snowstorm and decided to camp where they were until the storm passed. Even though the snow covered the trail, Mr. Gomez was still traveling in the right direction when they were spotted.