Man slipped down hill, couldn't get back up

June 13, 2000
Mt Baldy Ski Resort

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By Gene Baune

After receiving a call for assistance from the San Bernardino County Search and Rescue Team on 12 June, RMRU sent a team of three members to the Mount Baldy area at 6 am on 13 June.

A 49 year old Japanese male had taken the chair lift to the Mt Baldy Ski Resort with his wife and child on Sunday, 11 June. The father said he was going to go look around and wandered off, at approximately 4 PM when he failed to return his wife contacted authorities and a search was initiated. The subject was located by helicopter, in the Cow Creek area at approximately 11 am on 13 June 10 miles from where he had disappeared. He had descended from 10,000 feet of elevation to 2600 feet. While interviewing the subject he stated that he had slipped down the hill and because of the loose rocks and soil he could not get back up the hill, the more he tried to climb the further he slipped. He had then walking downhill until he was located by searchers.