Apparent heart attack

July 15, 2000
Devil's Slide Trail

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By Gene Baune

Map of RecoveryOn Saturday July 15 at 4:30 pm a page went out for a hiker with chest pains on the Devil's Slide Trail. Eric Sherman, a 64 year old male from Irvine, began hiking the trail at 9 am with his wife, son, and his son's girlfriend. Eric had been feeling poor all day and upon reaching Saddle Junction began having chest pains. He rested for a while and felt well enough to begin the hike down. His chect pains returned and could also be felt in his right arm. Approximately 200 yards above Middle Spring he suffered a mild seizure and lost consciousness. He breifly regained conciousness before losing it again.

The US Forest Service responded to a request for medical assistance at 2:30 pm, however attempts at CPR were unsuccessful. Since a number of team members were training in Yosemite, four of the forest service firefighters assisted RMRU in the carry out.