Hiker loses trail

November 11, 2000
Indian Canyons, Palm Springs
UTM 11S, 334455, 1163355

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By Gene Baune

Map of SearchRMRU was called early Saturday morning to assist Desert Search and Rescue, Palm Springs Mounted Police, and Tribal Rangers in the search for 53-year-old Alan Note of New Jersey.  Note had gone hiking in the Indian Canyons area of the Agua Caliente Reservation near Palm Springs on Friday afternoon and was reported missing at 5:30 Friday evening. There were concerns for his safety since was wearing shorts and a light Jacket and tempuratures dropped into the 40s during the search. Note had become disoriented and ended up spending a very cold night in Murray Canyon. After wandering off the trail Note ended up in the canyon where he was RMRU Team Member Ray Hussey and PSPD Team Members assist Alan Note after his longline rescue. (photo by Jim Fairchild)unable to go forward or back.  Note was spotted by air at 9:30 am around the 1,800 foot level but due to the difficult terrain and the narrow canyon it took several hours to get rescuers into position by air and on the ground.  A California Highway Patrol aircrew long-lined Note to safety and he was reported to be in good condition and did not require immediate medical attention.

Memebers present: Gene Baune; Jim Fairchild; Darrell Bell; Ray Hussey; Kurt Sullivan; Steve Bryant; Travis Henderson, and Desert Search and Rescue.

RSO Sergeant Mike Alcorn, RMRU member Kurt Sullivan and unidentified PSPD member  discuss rescue options. (photo by Jim Fairchild) CHP Aircrew longlines Alan Note to safety. (photo by jim Fairchild)