Grandfather and grandson overdue on dayhike

January 04, 2001
Dripping Springs
UTM 11S, 0502239, 3700512

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Hiker's heel print (photo by Ray Hussey)Bill Frenette, 57, and Jonathan Frenette, 14, started hiking on Wednesday the 3rd. They were to do a loop hike up to Wild Horse Peak and meet back at Dripping Springs Campground.

RMRU was contacted and responded on by 3:00am Thursday morning. Desert Sheriff's Search and Rescue (DSSAR) also responded. A footprint was soon located and a picture was taken to be distributed to the searchers. Three search teams were formed and sent into the field. Riverside Sheriff's Helicopter, Star 80, arrived shortly after first light. Star 80 was in the air for seven minutes before they spotted the missing hikers. They were in good condition and hiking. The search team that was closest to the hikers were redirected to their location. The other two teams returned to base. By 11:05am Bill and John were back in base.

Searchers pose with overdue hikersRMRU members present: Jim Fairchild, Travis Henderson, Darrell Bell, Ray Hussey, and Mona Landfield.

DSSAR members present: Sharon Ollenburger, Roger Keezer, Alan Franks & Richard Dolezal.

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