Car with emergency lights flashing

August 13, 2001
Bee Canyon Road

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Glenn Henderson was called by Sgt. Secor of the Riverside Sheriff's Department to report flashing lights on the mountain which appeared to be a distress signal. Henderson called Lee Arnson and asked him to drive the control road. Meanwhile, Phil Thompson was called and asked to drive Bee Canyon Road. At 10:00 p.m. a person called the Sheriff's Department to report that he was the person with the flashing lights. Someone had already seen the lights and was helping him get his car out which was off the road below Inspiration Point. Thompson took RMRU's Trooper and found the car over the side with a note written in the dust about a yellow post. He went to the yellow post and found two people camped out with tents and supplies. Since they were okay, Thompson left. They had their car towed the next day.

RMRU members responding: Debbiy Riegle, Glenn Henderson, Lee Arnson, Phil Thompson and Travis Henderson.