Overdue hikers walk out on their own

October 30, 2001
Fuller Ridge Trail

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A couple of hikers left their car at the Palm Springs tram and hiked to the summit of San Jacinto. They had a GPS with them and a Forest Service map. Coming down from the peak, the trail is not well marked and they had become confused as to the direction to proceed. Due to this error they became lost. At this point they met another hiker and he knew the way to the Fuller Ridge Trail where he had his car parked.

They had called with a cell phone and reached the California Highway Patrol. The dispatch then called both the Forest Service and CDF to confirm missing/overdue hikers. They then contacted the Riverside Sheriffs office and an officer was dispatched. RMRU was called out and sent teams to four different trails that would converge at the place last reported by the hikers.

The RMRU team dispatched to the Fuller Trail was within a mile when the subjects called to inform us that they were walking out with the person who had his car there. RMRU followed them to the Command Post where they were interviewed by the sheriff deputy.