Search for wanderer near Twin Pines

December 08, 2001
Twin Pines Road & SR 243

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By Glenn Henderson

At 5:45 AM the Deputy Jenkins from the Banning Sheriffs Department called for RMRU. A 20 year old man was reported missing near the Twin Pines camp in the San Jacinto Mountains. We met about 200 yards south of the Twin Pines road. The reporting party said that he had confronted the missing person in his garage. He ordered him out and called the Sheriff's Department. The missing person was last seen going into the woods, wearing only pants, socks, no shirt, and sweating profusely.

We immediately sent two teams out to cut for sign in the general direction that our subject went. Jim Fairchild was on one of the teams and while searching for sign found a red shirt. He asked at one of the houses if they knew anything and they said that they did see him last night. They gave him some water and let him use their phone. They still had the phone number written down. Upon having the Sheriff run the phone number down they found that the number belonged to our subjects aunt. The Department finally was able to talk to the aunt and she said that she picked up our subject last night. Although he had again disappeared he was in the city now, not in the mountains. With this information we were released to go home. We all met up at the Idyllwild Cafe for breakfast and then on our way home we went.

Team members participating were Ray Hussey, Jim Fairchild, Joe Erickson, Brad Scott, Lew Kingman, Travis Henderson, Glenn Henderson, Debbiy Riegle, Darrell Bell, Dana Potts, Rick Maschek, Steve Bryant, Terry Greenstein, and Mona Landfield.