Leader Fall at Joshua Tree

January 01, 2002
Split Rock

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By Janet Hillard

While climbing with my daughter and son-in-law at the formation known as Future Games Rock at Split Rock, we were joined by a couple who began climbing on the route Invisibility Lessons, a 5.9 rated route. The female who was leading had a piece of protection pop out and she took a short fall, twisting her ankle severely on the way down. Thankfully, she was wearing a helmet, so her other injuries consisted of minor scrapes and bruises. My son-in-law had already helped the lady with Tylenol and propping her bruised and swollen ankle when I got down from the top. I wrapped her ankle and we carried out their gear while her climbing partner gave her a fireman's carry out the rather long trail to the road. They left for the local hospital with her foot elevated and packed in ice.

In talking to her friends the following day, it was found that she had suffered only a severe sprain to her ankle.