Whitewater Extraction

April 22, 2002
Whitewater Canyon

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By Ray Hussey

RMRU was called at 9:30am by the Sheriff's Banning Station for a two-man RMRU team to assist on a winch extraction of a 38-year-old woman who was possible injured in Whitewater Canyon.

The reporting party was available for guidance to the location of the subject. Jim Fairchild was base operations while the reporting party and myself were airlifted up to Whitewater Canyon approximately 12 miles and then 1.5 miles up an east canyon where the subject was readily found. The reporting party was brought back to base and then we easily relocated the subject using the helicopter's GPS. The subject was located in a tree-infested area so I was lowered onto an adjacent slope, unfortunately into a manzanita bush.

The subject was located and she was in relatively good shape, just sore and tired. We preceded upslope to a clear area where I put a full body harness on her and gave her my helmet for protection as she came up under the helicopter skids. I asked her is she was scarred and she said "yes." I said "Good, because I want you to listen very carefully." Then I gave her the usual helicopter instructions. The subject was extracted without incident and returned to base. Star-80, the Sheriff's helicopter, returned for me with my helmet and I was extracted with the cable hoist. I was back in base at the Whitewater Fish Hatchery by 2:00pm.

Members preset: Jim Fairchild, Ray Hussey