Three Overdue Hikers

June 01, 2002
Tenaja Campground

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By Bruce D. Sanny

The Riverside Sheriff contacted RMRU at 20:00 the evening of June 1 2002 to search for a missing man and woman in their late 60 2s and their grandchild, the Rood family. Relatives reported that the trio had failed to return by nightfall. The area is rampant with poison oak, tics, vertical drops along portions of the trail and an occasional mountain lion.

By 22:00 search teams were sign cutting two separate trails. The teams later met at a junction of the trails and they decided to combine efforts and follow a set of three prints.

The teams followed the tracks until 08:00 and 14 miles later when the Riverside Sheriffs Office Helicopter arrived. It was directed ahead of the search team. The family was still traveling away from the campground, about two miles ahead of our search team. Due to the rough terrain and numerous trails in the area, the perseverance of the search teams helped to assure that minimal time was used by the sheriff 2s helicopter. The hikers were picked up and flown back to the campground. After the hikers were flown out, the helicopter then proceeded to assist the teams by flying them out. This was accomplished by 10:00. Our thanks to the pilot.

Members present: Steve Bryant, Glenn Henderson, Rich Maschek, Dana Potts, Rob May, Bill Delo, Brian D Sanny, And Jim Fairchild as operations.