Overdue Hiker Walks Out

May 4, 2003
Humber Park

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By Gwenda Yates

At 5:00pm we were called out by the Sheriffs Deptartment to find an overdue hiker in the Humber Park area. Glenn Henderson was the operations leader. He and Debbiy Riegle were driving to the Humber Park, while Dana Potts and Rick Maschek were heading to the Palm Springs Tram to begin the search from that side. Darrell Bell and Phil Thompson were going to run base camp when they arrived at Humber Park. The subject walked out as Debbiy, Darrell, and Phil arrived on scene. An abort page was sent to all who were in route.

RMRU Members Present: Darrell Bell, William Carlson, Jim Fairchild, Glenn Henderson, Angie James, Rick Maschek, Dana Potts, Debbiy Riegle, Phil Thompson