11-year-old Boyscout with Asthma Attack

May 24, 2003
Fisherman's Camp, Cleveland National Forest

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By Glenn Henderson

CDF Firefighters and RMRU members giving aid at trailhead (Photo by Kirk Cloyd)The pager went off at 11PM on Saturday night May 24th. The call was for an 11 year old boyscout, Scott Brown, with an acute asthma attack. His troop was camped at Fisherman's camp in the Tanaja Falls area of the Cleveland National Forest.

When we arrived at the trail head we found many California Department of Forestry fire trucks, forestry trucks, and a waiting ambulance. We were told that about 12 CDF firefighters were hiking in and we were to assist them in the carry out if possible. Team members Dana Potts, Travis Henderson, Kirk Cloyd, Deano Esades, and myself loaded up our packs and started down the trail with our wheeled litter. Jim Fairchild, Darrell Bell and FNG Gwenda Yates covered basecamp. Since there were so many SAR personnel in the field the decision was made to turn Rick Maschek around since he was driving in from Victorville.

We reached Fisherman's camp at 3 AM and found that the CDF personnel had just left and had headed out a shorter trail to the road. We could see them above us on the ridge line. We caught up to them and found that they had a litter but no wheel so we took our wheel and attached it to their litter and started hiking out again. Every one took turns helping with the litter so the hike out was not too bad.

We arrived at the road at 5:30 where we met the ambulance, fire trucks, Darrell Bell and team member Will Carlson to take us back to the original trail head. After putting our gear away everyone decided they were too tired to go to breakfast so we all went home to get some sleep and wait for the next call out. Everyone except Deano who had to be on duty at 7AM with the Pachanga Fire Department. Sorry Deano.

RMRU Members Present: Darrell Bell, Kirk Cloyd, Deano Esades, Jim Fairchild, Glenn Henderson, Travis Henderson, Rick Maschek, Dana Potts, Gwenda Yates