Missing 14-year-old Girl

July 9, 2003
Hills South of Hemet

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By Glenn Henderson

On Wednesday, July 9, 9:30 AM we received a call that a 14 year old girl was missing in the hills south of Hemet. This is about 5 minutes from my house so I was the first on scene to gather more information. Deputies on scene said that the girl was depressed, had left a suicide note, taken a few of her books, a Samurai sword, and was suspected to be in the hills south of her home in Hemet. Her family reported that she liked to hike there to be alone and to draw. As other members arrived we started searching the trails into the hills. It was extremely hot, 105, with no shade anywhere except where large rocks created caves of shade. There is not a lot of places or caves to be able to get out of the sun so we quickly tried to check anywhere that might afford cover. The area is quite large so the Sheriff's helicopter and a fixed wing started searching also. The Sheriff's off road unit with their Quad motorcycle also helped us. Due to the heat we called all field teams in at noon to rehydrate and eat some lunch. At 12:30 deputies told us that the subjects younger brother knew of some caves that his sister liked to frequent when she went into the hills. With that information I had him lead Angie James and myself to these caves.

Unfortunately they were caves that we had spotted and checked earlier in the day. As we were returning to base the call came for all field teams to return to base. Sheriff detectives had developed more information leading them to believe that she may be a runaway. The search was called off at 3 PM. Members on scene were Travis Henderson, Angie James, Rick Maschek, Terry Greenstein, Jim Fairchild, Will Carlson, Darrell Bell, and Phil Thompson.