David Gonazales Search

August 4th, 2004
Hanna Flats Campground, Big Bear

by Brenda Deluna

We deployed at approx. 0730 into an area approx. 6 miles North East of the Hanna Flats camp ground. We divided the area into two halves with Pete, Will, Phil and Bill (all the ill's) covering one half and Bruce, Steve and Brenda covering the other. We attempted a line grid search, but with so few people it was hard to get a very high POD (probability of detection). We finished our assignment at approximately 1400 and were on our way back to base when we were flagged down by the Orange Co. and Sierra Madre team. They had a report of a child crying "Daddy, Daddy" in that area. We all spread out and grid searched the area, but came up with nothing. A few members of the Sierra Madre team felt that David might be frightened by all the yelling, so they waited until things quieted down and went into a listening mode. We returned to base at approx. 1530, ate lunch and then immediately responded to the Angel's Glide rescue (see mission report for more details.)

Members present: Steve Bryant, Phil Thompson. Bruce Sanny Pete Carlson, Will Carlson, Brenda DeLuna and Bill Morris.

[Editor's Note: RMRU joined over a dozen other search teams for 9 days of searching for 9-year-old David Gonzales of Lake Elsinore. At the peak of the search, over 250 trained volunteer searchers were in the field, but no sign of David was found. Over a year later hikers in the same area found a skull and bones that were identified as being David's. No cause of death has ever veen established.]