Injured Hiker - First of Three Missions

September 25th, 2004
San Jacinto State Park - Palm Springs Tram

by Will Carlson

I sprang to life as I heard my pager sound. It was still early in the evening so I figured it was a rescue. Sure enough, we were requested to the upper tramway to assist the State Park rangers with a four pitch raise and carry out of a woman with a possible broken ankle.

The majority of the team arrived at the tram station just after 1900 and twelve members were at the top of the tram by 1945, and ready to start in. A twenty minute hike took us to the State Park rangers and we began our assist. We sent fresh members down to relieve the rangers and carry the stretcher. After two raises we were to the trail. We attached the wheel to the stretcher and wheeled the patient to the tram and an awaiting ambulance. As we packed up the rescue van we were called to two other searches. One was in Garner Valley and the other was out of Fern Basin.

Members present: Brad Scott, Dana Potts, Travis Henderson, Gwenda Yates, Ray Hussey, Dave Webb, John Dempsey, Pete Carlson, Will Carlson, Patrick McCurdy Bill Morris, Rick Mascheck, Kirk Cloyd, Brenda DeLuna, and Debbiy Riegle.