Two Hikers Overdue - Second of Three Missions

September 25th, 2004
Marion Mountain Trail

by Will Carlson

Fresh off of the rescue at the tramway and an aborted search in Garner Valley, we responded to a search at the Marion Mountain trailhead. We were told that two hikers had failed to return from their summit bid on San Jacinto Peak. We were just about packed and ready to begin searching when the subjects hiked out. They were in great shape. They had just kept going even when it got dark. After three missions in one night we were all ready for some sleep.

Members present: Ray Hussey, Will Carlson, Pete Carlson, Debbiy Riegle, Dana Potts, Rick Mascheck, Brad Scott, Brenda DeLuna, Travis Henderson, Patrick McCurdy, Gwenda Yates, Mike George, Bill Morris, John Dempsey, Jim Fairchild, Kirk Clovd, and Max Brummett.