Injured Backpacker

October 17th, 2004
Tenaja Falls

by Glenn Henderson

At 0720 Sunday morning Jim Fairchild called and told me the team had been activated to help evacuate an injured person on the trail to Tanaja Falls. Jim had a meeting at church that he could not get out of so he turned the mission over to me. I paged the team out with directions and information on the mission. Team members immediately started responding. I gathered up my gear, picked up team member Gwenda Yates, and went to the Sheriff's Department to get the White Van. We got to Winchester, about 15 miles, when dispatch called and said that we were no longer needed. BUMMER!!! We were looking forward to helping someone that needed our help. I called my wife, Robin, at home and had her put out a 90- 90 message to the team. 90- 90 means the mission is over.

We drove back to the 'Cop Shop' and backed the van into the garage. As I was showing Gwenda how to turn off the radios and electrical chargers, dispatch again called and said we were being "reactivated" for the same mission. I called Robin and had her put out another page. We again drove out heading for Tanaja Falls. As we got to within one mile of our destination we saw an ambulance and a fire truck heading back in the direction we had just come. You guessed it. The mission was over. CDF had hiked in and carried the injured girl out to the ambulance. From the story we got, a one and a half foot Oak Tree limb had fallen 30 feet into a tent at 0500 in the morning, injuring a girl sleeping inside. She suffered a broken left arm and injuries to her left hip. After getting some gas and something to eat, it was 1430 in the afternoon before we finally got back home. Twelve members responded.