Body Recovery of ATV Rider

December 28th, 2004
Gilman Hot Springs

by Glenn Henderson

Well, it looks as though 2004 will go out much as it began with another fatality. The team was called out to search for an overdue ATV rider. They were riding in a popular area called the badlands along Gilman Springs road. He had been riding with two friends when they became separated. Two returned and one did not. There was a sense of urgency as it was 1900 and a wet winter storm was approaching. While en route we were informed that the missing rider had been found deceased. He had ridden off a vertical cutbank and landed with the ATV on top of his head. The team was asked to continue as they may need help in removing the body. After the coroner did their investigation we did help load the victim into our litter and carried him a short distance to a waiting van. Team members responding were, Dave Webb, Rick Maschek, Darrell Bell, Jim Fairchild, Jeff Sutch, Gwenda Yates, Angie James, Brenda Deluna, Glenn Henderson, Travis Henderson, Brad Scott, Lee Arnson, and Patrick McCurdy.