Lost Man Suffering Dementia

December 31st, 2004

by Brad Scott

At 1430 hrs the page came across to team members for an urban search in the Valle Vista area. It was a cold and rainy New Years Eve. The missing individual was an elderly gentleman suffering from dementia. He was last seen around 0900 hrs. He did not drive but was known for taking walks around the neighborhood. When last seen he was not wearing a jacket and probably not prepared for the wet wintery weather. The team started to gather on Wendell Dr. near the residence of the missing individual. Several members were being briefed by Deputy Stokes from the Riverside Sheriffs Department and were being given their field assignments by Glenn Henderson when a family member notified the team that the missing person was found. The subject was found at the Hemet Valley Mall on the other side of town. It was decided to return to the Riverside Sheriffs Valle Vista station and wait for confirmation of the subject. After leaving the staging area on Wendell Drive, it was noticed by team members that four houses away, an elderly gentleman using a walker had fallen in his garage and needed assistance. Team members Brenda De Luna, Angie James, Kirk Cloyd, and Brad Scott assisted the elderly gentleman (with direction from his wife) into the front room of his house and into his easy chair. The team's presence in the neighborhood did come in handy for one person. Everyone returned to the Sheriff station where we were released at 1630 hrs.