Man Wandered Off - Didn't Return

April 14th, 2005
Tenaja Falls Area

by Patrick McCurdy

RMRU was called out in the wee hours to search for a missing hiker in the Tenaja Falls area of the Santa Rosa Plateau. Upon arrival, the plot thickened and the search took on a new dimension. The subject, John A., had been shooting trap the previous evening with two friends when he got into an argument and took off. When last seen he had been drinking, was upset, possibly depressed, wearing camouflage, and carrying a 12-gauge shotgun. "Oh boy," we all thought, "the perfect search!"

We had barely started the search when the subject was located just down the road at the home of a friend. The subject's shooting friends had not bothered to check there the previous evening before calling the Sheriff's Office to report their friend missing and only did so the next morning at the insistence of a Sheriff's deputy.

RMRU members involved in this short search were Darrell Bell, Travis Henderson, Jim & Grace Manues, Patrick McCurdy, and Jeff Sutch. Riverside Search Dog team member Terry, and her lab Zoe, also took part in the search.