Injured Elderly PCT Through-Hiker

May 5th, 2005
Snow Creek Drainage

by Patrick McCurdy

On May 5th, RMRU was called on to assist CDF in rescuing an elderly PCT through-hiker who had injured her leg on the section of trail between Black Mountain Road and the trailhead at Snow Creek. CDF Crews were able to get her to a point where the Sheriff's helicopter could pick her up. RMRU was asked to stage on the road below in case out assistance was needed. In the picture at right, RMRU members pull the subject out of the helicopter.

When we got her out of the litter and seated in a chair so Dr. Ray Hussey could examine her knee, she suddenly said "I think I recognize some of you." It turns on this was not the first time RMRU had rescued this lady! Several years ago she fell and broke her leg on the PCT and lay there for 3 days before RMRU was called out to rescue her. She was a delightful lady and, while waiting for an ambulance to come pick her up, RMRU had a fine time teasing her about being rescued twice.