PCT Anza Assist

September 28, 2005
Pacific Crest Trail near Anza

by Lee Arson

After wrapping up mission no. 26, we were heading down the tram when we were called out to respond to the Terwilliger area of Anza to assist in the rescue of a man with broken leg on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Base was roughly 70 miles from the tram , so we jumped in our cars and headed out. Approximately an hour and a half , and several bad directions later, we arrived at the trailhead, which just happened to be right smack in the middle of nowhere.

On scene was Anza CDF. They were in the field with the subject, and had been for a better part of the day. By radio contact, they were requesting we bring in our wheeled litter and LOTS of water.

We only had about a one mile hike down the trail before we got to the subject. One of our team doctors did an assessment, and it turned out that our man had injured his knee as opposed to an actual broken leg. Either way, he could not walk. He had already been packaged by CDF, so we loaded him onto our litter and we brought him out to an awaiting ambulance.