Homicide Body Recovery

March 22, 2006
Bautista Canyon

by Jim Bakos

The page came in at 6:30 am that the Sheriffs Department needed our assistance in recovering a body in the southern Bautista Canyon area of Riverside County.

By 9:30 am our members were on-scene and ready to extricate the victim. After a brief wait while the Sheriff helicopter photographed the scene from the air, Ray and Jim Manus commenced with clearing brush down to the victim's location.

Ray, Patrick, Liz and Jim Manus were the crew over the side to package the victim and attend the litter. Denno, Grace and myself manned the haul system while Gwenda ran operations.

We finished our task and were back at the station by noon. Even though the reason we were out there was a sad one, the fact that the weather was clear and sunny helped make the situation bearable.

The Riverside Sheriffs Office greatly appreciated our assistance in this somewhat gruesome matter, and complemented us on our professionalism. Since we're unpaid volunteers, a "pat on the back" is a wonderful reward.