Mystery Voice at the Tram

January 26, 2006
Palm Springs Tramway

by Lee Arnson

On January 15th, 2006, RMRU was called out to respond to the Palm Springs Tramway.

Two separate parties had reported to the State Park that they had heard calls for help sounding like they had come from somewhere near the summit of Mt. San Jacinto. As most of the rescue team was still in Joshua Tree National Park wrapping up a two-day training, there were only four of us to initially respond.

Meeting at the upper tram station, it was decided that conditions were too precarious to start a night search. We decided to spend the night in the station knowing that in the morning we would have at least twenty members to send out.

t first light we sent a hasty team consisting of two members to the summit, while six others followed to broaden the search. We had enough members to include the lower valleys and Hidden Lake in our search. After several fruitless hours of searching, it was decided to call the mission to an end unless or until there was further information.

No other reports were ever called in and this mission was chalked up to an erroneous initial report, or the subjects were able to help themselves before we could get there.