Mountain Biker Body Recovery

February 12, 2006
Bee Canyon Road

by Ray Hussey, M.D.

RMRU received a call to assist CDF in a body recovery on 2-12-06 on a steep trail about 2-3 miles north of a dirt access road near Bee canyon off Highway 74. The subject was a 26-year-old male with no signs of external trauma. According to his fellow biker friends he had complained of not feeling well shortly before falling off his mountain bike. Despite his rather young age, according to the Sheriff's Coroners office he died of a heart attack.

We packaged the subject into our wheeled litter and transported him down the steep and rocky trail with four people carrying the litter and two of us backing them up with a walking tandem belay. We had some exciting moments with the tandem belay members "skiing" down several steep rocks in the dark.

We then got reorganized for our 2nd mission of the night.

RMRU members responding: Lee Arnson, Jeff Such, Erica Zastrow, Brenda DeLuna, Gwenda Yates, Kirk Cloyd, Patrick McCurdy, Dave Webb, and Ray Hussey.