Sick Hiker on PCT above Mission Creek

May 12, 2006
Mission Creek

by Patrick McCurdy

RMRU was alerted to a Pacific Crest Trail backpacker who was having chest pains at a campground above Mission Creek. Other backpacker had alerted to his situation and hiked out far enough to dial 911.

Jim Bakos, Ray Hussey, Gwenda Yates, Jim and Grace Manues, and Will and Pete Carlson all met at the nice backpacker station on Mission Creek Road where two deputies briefed us on what little they know.

Since a San Bernardino helicopter had been ordered, Pete thought two of us (including Dr. Hussey) should be flown in to search the most likely area. The rest of us would subsequently be flown in to areas lower on the trail for the best coverage.While we were assembling our gear and tanking up on what for what promised to be a scorching day, we heard that the bird had found the subject and flown him straight to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.