Lost Hikers After Dark

July 5, 2007
San Jacinto State Park

by Jim Bakos

I was unable to physically respond to this search because of my three minor children soundly sleeping in their bedrooms. I was, however, contacted by Incident Commander, Gwenda Yates, who was running the search from the Mountain Station of the Palm Springs Tram.

We had two team members on the western side of the mountain, and Gwenda didn't have radio communication with them. Since I'm one of the communication "Geeks" on the team, I have a high-power commercial radio to use on our rescue frequencies. I fired up the radio and made contact with Lee as he headed up the Marion Mountain trail. That was soon followed by contact with Pete as he headed up the Deer Springs trail.

We now had all our rescuers in communication contact. Lee finished his sweep of Marion Mountain (at about the speed most jets fly) and headed out. Pete, equally fast, hit Strawberry Junction, and was preparing to head east on the PCT toward Wellman's.

Soon after, I received a call from Gwenda that Travis and Rob, at Wellman's Divide, had voice contact with the lost hikers. Minutes later they had the lost hikers in-tow and headed back to the Mountain Station.

Another successful rescue for RMRU!