Fallen Hiker With Head Injury

August 12, 2007
Long Valley Canyon, SJ State Park

RMRU was alerted about 7 p.m. about hiker who had fallen and injured his head in Long Valley Canyon, below San Jacinto State Park, near the top of the Palm Springs Tram. The sheriff's helicopter was already flying on this mission and State Parks personnel were with the subject, but were asking for RMRU medical assistance.

We staged at the visitor's center at the bottom of the tram road as it appeared the helicopter would land and transport the subject to the hospital, which is exactly what happened. Hats off to the San Jacinto State Parks folks and to the Riverside Sheriff's aviation unit for affecting this rescue.

The initial RMRU responders were Lee Arnson, William Carlson, Glenn Henderson, Jim & Grace Manues, Patrick McCurdy, Daniel Morgan, Jeff Toscas, and Marty Syrette.