Hiker Missing in Major Storm

January 7, 2008
Green Valley Lake, CA (near Big Bear)

Monday - Day 1

RMRU was called today to assist in a search for man missing over two days in the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear. These two days coincided with a major storm system that blanketed the area in snow.

Four RMRU members responded to the mid-day call and were deployed by snow cat to search areas where they searched until after dark.

Tuesday - Day 2

Six RMRU members responded to Day Two of this large search. We augmented about 50 other searchers that came in from out of county to assist San Bernardino in searching for the lost man.

We searched all day following side trails, gulleys, and washes to the sides of the road the man is said to have been hiking on when he got lost. Sadly, even tracks from people who had searched the area Sunday had been obliterated by Sunday night's snow.

1/13/2008 Update:

RMRU members responded on several further days of this search until it was called off today with no success. Crews continued to be deployed by helicopter and snow cat throughout the week and weather provided good search conditions, but no sign of the missing man was found.

Monday/Tuesday Photos

RMRU members being deployed by snow cat late in the day on Monday.

Members of RMRU and Alta Dena Search and Rescue gearing up for Tuesday's search.

RMRU members Jim Bakos and Lew Kingman searching on Tuesday.

Sunday Pictures

Just after sunrise in the search area.

Discussing search options in the field.

Lexi from Altadena Mountain Rescue

Jeff Moran from Altadena Mountain Rescue

A searcher tries to stay warm on a cold hill while waiting for another field team to arrive.

Field teams assemble at a pick-up point at the end of the day to get transportation back to the command post.