Rescue In Massacre Canyon

April 18, 2008
Mssacre Canyon

By William Carlson

The gear had already been loaded in the truck and my friends were on board. It was going to be a great weekend of climbing in Joshua Tree National Park. Well, it was, until the call came out for a rescue in Massacre Canyon where a nineteen-year-old male was stranded on a cliff. Joshua Tree was going to have to wait.

I met team members Gwenda Yates and Brad Scott at the trailhead to Massacre Canyon. We quickly gathered ropes, webbing, and an extra helmet and harness for the subject. Brad and I took off while Gwenda remained at base in case we needed more personnel or equipment.

A quick ten minute hike brought us to the subject’s location. Shawn had managed to climb up approximately two-hundred feet on loose rock and dirt before becoming stranded. We decided to scramble up and across to Shawn.

A quick assessment showed that Shawn was in good health. We put a helmet on him and attached a harness. A belay was then set up to assist Shawn across and back down to the trail. Shawn was truly happy to be back on solid ground. A quick hike lead us back to our vehicles and it was off to Joshua Tree!