Sick Man Rescued

May 19, 2008
Carumba Camp

by Nick Nixon

A telephone call before 7 a.m. and the phone indicating it is from Gwenda, can only be one thing. I guess today’s schedule is going to get altered. The first thing Gwenda says is can I get to the Aviation Unit at Hemet Ryan Airport. This sounds like fun already. Kevin Walker joins me on the mission. A husband and wife spent Sunday night at Carumba Camp. About 11 p.m. he started feeling the worse pain of his life in his abdomen. In addition, he began vomiting. Early in the morning, a couple ladies also camping in the Carumba area hurried out to get help.

We spotted the pair fairly quickly from the air. However, due to the elevation and the temperature we flew back to skunk cabbage meadow to let me off while Kevin was landed at the site southwest of Carumba. Then I was next taken in. It only took us about 15 minutes to hike down to the subject. By then he was feeling better and considering hiking back to the tram. We presented a better offer with a helicopter ride. After about 25 minutes hiking back up to the airship the subject was on his way out.

We were out of there by 11 a.m.. Kevin described it as a textbook mission. I have to agree. It could not have been any better and the view from a helicopter in good weather is always great. Thanks to pilot SGT Steve Bertlilng and TFO Mike Caldwell on Star 94.