Missing Person Near Warner Springs

May 26, 2008
Lost Valley Boy Scout Camp, near Warner Springs, San Diego County

RMRU was called out Sunday to assist San Diego County rescue teams in searching for a camper missing over 24 hours. The San Diego teams had been searching for the 37-year-old man since Saturday.

The search was staged at the remote Schoepe Scout Reservation, a 1,400 acre Boy Scout camp in a beautiful valley about 15 miles from Warner Springs, in northern San Diego County.

RMRU teams had just got field assignments and were deploying into the rugged mountains nearby when a helicopter spotted the missing man. After several attempts the helicopter was able to rescue the man from the ridge he was on and flew him back to the command post at the scout camp.

Numerous San Diego county and federal agencies were involved. Riverside County teams included RMRU, Desert Sheriff's Search and Rescue, and Riverside County Search Dogs.