Hikers Stranded

December 29, 2008
Chino Canyon, Palm Springs Tram

by Glenn Henderson

We received a call from our aviation unit at 7 p.m., that we might be needed for a rescue in Chino Canyon. Four hikers had left Palm Springs and intended to hike up to the Lower Palm Springs Tram. They became separated and two had gotten lost. They called in on a cell phone and Star 9 was able to locate them but was not able to land and get them out. They called RMRU so Will Carlson, Pete Carlson and I, Glenn Henderson, responded to the lower tram. Since I got there first and was ready to go when Star 9 landed the flew me in and lowered me down to our two shivering hikers. I quickly got a harness on each of them and called for Star 9 to winch each of us up. With 4 of us in the back of the helicopter it was quite cozy but we were able to get everyone out in one trip. We were all home by midnight.