Missing Hiker on the Skyline Route

May 24, 2009
Skyline Trail - Palm Springs Tram

May 24, 2009
Skyline Route

RMRU was called out Sunday evening for a missing hiker on the Skyline Route. The subject and his friend had hiked more than halfway up the Skyline Route when the subject was overcome by heat and exhaustion. Unable to continue upward to the Tram, the friend turned around and descended into the heat of the valley floor. The friend left the subject with water and told him to stay put, he would send help. The friend, severely dehydrated, made it to the trailhead and notified authorities of the subject's plight.

As RMRU began assembling, we were notified that the subject had just hiked out on his own.

While hiking downhill might seem attractive when you are hot and tired, it can prove to be a fatal decision. One week earlier, another hiker in his late twenties died from heat stroke under very similar circumstances. It was reported that his core temperature was 108 degrees. There are many hikers who love the Skyline and hike it on a regular basis, but they WILL NOT hike the Skyline during the heat of the summer. There is no water on this route and it is very exposed. Please do not underestimate the danger of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Save the Skyline for later in the year when temperatures are cooler. There are many other beautiful and challenging trails in the San Jacintos.