Tahquitz Rock Climber Calls for Help

May 31, 2009
Idyllwild, Tahquitz Rock

By Pete Carlson

We got the call around 2pm that someone had heard a climber calling for help from Tahquitz Rock. Arriving at Humber Park I was informed that (Les Walker, Jim Manues, and Randy Yates) were already hiking up the North East side of Tahquitz Rock to find if anyone was in trouble. Myself and Bob Taylor started hiking up to Lunch Rock to see if we could find anyone in trouble. Both groups talked to climbers coming down from the rock and no one had heard anyone calling for help. Meanwhile at base (Gwanda Yates, Grace Manues, Nick Nixon, Patrick McCurdy, Jeff Toscas, Dave Webb, and Brad Scott) had arrived and were waiting to see if they would be needed in the field. We found nothing to indicate anyone in need and returned to base. At that time the Sheriff called off the search and decided that the person probably just heard climbers calling to each other as they always do. We had a nice dinner in Idyllwild and returned home by 9pm.