Rescue Hoist Skyline Trail

April 21, 2013
San Jacinto Mountains Skyline Trail

Written by Glenn Henderson

I received a call from Gwenda Yates about 5 PM that Star 9 (Sheriff’s Helicopter) was asking for one rescuer to do a hoist rescue on the Skyline Trail above Palm Springs and a backup person in case more rescuers were need. It’s seems that a 21 year old male had run out of water at the 7200’ level. He was dehydrated and vomiting, unable to continue. State Park Rangers had gotten to him but were unable to rehydrate him enough for him to continue.

I met the crew at the Hemet Ryan hanger and was airborne at 5:45 and Alan was there as a backup in case anything went wrong. It is RMRU’s policy to have the whole team on stand-by and have at least one other member ready to fly in case anything unexpected happens. We flew to the coordinates given by the Rangers where I was lowered down to the subject. I quickly got him into a “screamer suit” and signaled for him to be raised up. No problems and I soon followed. We flew him to the parking lot at the lower tram station where we turned him over to a waiting ambulance. We then flew back to Hemet Ryan. Mission completed at 7:00 PM.

RMRU team members present: Glenn Henderson and Alan Lovegreen.