Solo skier overdue

January 13, 1985
Long Valley area

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By Glenn Henderson

Because of Kenneth Kenaga being overdue in completing an ascent of the North Face (see Mission 1985-002 for complete information) a friend, Lyn Dessaux went out on skis from Long Valley to try and meet or find his friend the previous day, January 12th. We had been called to search for Ken on the North Face, but when we arrived assistant Ops Leader Kevin Walker informed us of Lyn also being overdue as he was to return to the tram before dark on the 12th. As the first search was getting started Kevin assigned Rick Pohlers and myself to go around to the tram, ride up and start searching from Long Valley for one and or both of the missing men. Just as we were walking into the ranger station in Long Valley Lyn wandered back in also after spending a very cold night out lost in the snow. He was in good shape though. Also news came in that Ken had been located but was stranded on the North Face, so Rick and I hurried back to the tram and returned to base camp at Snow Creek to assist if we could with the search that now became a serious rescue.