Tabitha Maxwell lost from group near Saddle

January 1, 1991
Humber Park to Tahquitz

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Team members tracking footprintsAt five in the afternoon we received a call of a missing hiker last seen at the Saddle Junction after leaving Humber Park. She had been hiking with a group and fallen behind because she was tired. She said she knew the way and would meet the group at the cars. She never showed up.

Teams were sent up from Humber Park to the Saddle and then out the different trails. One team went towards Tahquitz Peak, another towards Tahquitz valley, another to Skunk Cabbage Meadow, and the last towards San Jacinto Peak.

They hiked all night and found no sign of the missing woman. The next morning around 7:00, a team got an answer to their calls. They followed the calls and found the missing hiker in Reeds Meadow, she had been asleep all night and not heard the teams yelling. She was in good shape and they hiked her back to her friends at Humber Park.

Everyone enjoyed a big breakfast in Idyllwild before going home to catch up on some lost sleep.